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Medallion Dress Requirements



Medallion Ball Committee Dress Requirements

The Medallion Ball has been a Pittsburgh family tradition since 1963. The dress code is part of the committee's long tradition. The committee asks that you honor the tradition by following the dress requirements as outlined below. No matter what dress shops may tell you, the requirements below
are the official dress requirements from the Credentials Committee.

The Dress:

-Floor length 
-Pure white (not off-white) as a pure white blank paper
-Shoulders covered (no backless, halters, strapless, spaghetti straps, off-shoulder)
  Minimum two-finger width straps (these can usually be added to strapless dresses)
-No colored trimmings
-No trains or evening pants
-Modest and appropriate necklines only


-Shoes: white and comfortable to walk in
-Gloves: white, solid fabric, no lace or net, appropriate length for dress sleeve. These are not provided
  by SLA or the Medallion Ball.
-Jewelry: small earrings, small chains or pearls; no hair adornments
-A slip is suggested 
-Hair should be styled as formal as your gown
-Makeup should be worn for an evening application

**Prepare for your portrait session exactly as you would for the night of the Ball.

Order your dress early and leave time for alterations. Since the dress needs to be worn for the Program picture, dresses need to be ready for your photo session. Pictures are taken from May 1st to August 31st. The program photograph can be taken before the dress is hemmed if necessary. Please tell the dress store that the dress needs to be in during the summer for the picture. Photographs taken after August 31st cannot be guaranteed to appear in the program.
Please contact the Credentials Committee if you have any questions about the dress requirements.






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